ERAL S.r.l. with registered office in Via Europa Z.I. 14, 31028 Vazzola TV Italy, takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy is intended to define your rights and answer all your questions concerning the management of your personal data. To receive more information, contact:

If you have signed a contract with one of our subsidiaries or companies in the group, the person responsible for the processing of your data will be the company or companies of the Group specified in the contract and any other entity to which it has granted consent. In any other circumstance, the person responsible for processing your data will be ERAL S.r.l.. Our policy and procedures for the processing of personal information have been developed in line with the requirements of the European Union Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46 / EC), of the General Data Protection Regulation (in force since May 25, 2018) and applicable national regulations.


  1. What information do we collect?

We collect and process personal data about you when you interact with us and with our products and when you purchase goods and services from the company.

The personal data we process includes:

  • his name and surname;
  • your username and password in case of access to your reserved area if present;
  • the home or work address, e-mail address and / or telephone number;
  • his professional title;
  • details of your payments and deliveries, including billing and delivery addresses, related details

  credit card, and where purchases were made at the company;

  • information relating to the browser or device with which it has accessed the company website;
  • internet browser and operating system;
  • records of calls made to our customer service and / or
  • other information you provide.


  1. How do we use this information and what is the legal basis for using it?

We process the personal data specified in paragraph 1 for the following purposes:

  • if necessary for the stipulation and fulfillment of a contract, for example, a purchase is made with us or an agreement is signed to provide or receive services. This may include verification of identity, acceptance of payments, communication with the customer, provision of services and provision of a delivery or other supply of products or services. We need this information in order to sign a contract, and we cannot do without it;
  • to comply with regulations and current legislation;
  • in accordance with the legitimate interests of the company in protecting the legitimate commercial interests and legal rights of ERAL S.r.l. , including but not limited to use in legal proceedings, for compliance, for regulatory and investigative purposes (including disclosure of information relating to proceedings or legal actions);
  • to respond to any comments or complaints we may receive, and / or in accordance with our legitimate interests, also to investigate any complaints received by you or others regarding our website, or products or services of the company;
  • we may use the information provided to personalize

(i) our communications with you;

(ii) our websites

(iii) products or services for customers, in accordance with the legitimate interests of the company;

  • to monitor the use of our websites and online services. We may use your information to monitor, improve and protect our products, content, services and websites, online and offline, in accordance with our legitimate interests;
  • in the event that information is provided on the credit or debit card, we may use third parties (such as POS payment providers) to verify the validity of the bank details, account number and credit card number provided to avoid fraud, in accordance with the legitimate interests of the company and third parties;
  • we can monitor the account of any customer to avoid, investigate and / or report fraud, terrorism, a false statement, an accident or a security-related crime, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the legitimate interests of the company;
  • if you contact us by phone, calls can be recorded for quality, training and security reasons, in accordance with the legitimate interests of the company; is
  • the company may use your information to invite you to participate in market research or surveys.

The company could also involve it in direct marketing initiatives with reference to specific products and services. Direct electronic marketing will be used only after you have given your consent to receive it or (if allowed) you will be given the opportunity to cancel this option. You will continue to have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any direct electronic marketing activity at any time, following the instructions specified in the specific communication.


  1. With whom and where will we share your personal data?

We may share your personal data with our subsidiaries in order to be able to process and allow administrative activities within the group and to provide products or services in which certain elements of the same are provided by companies of the group other than the one you contacted directly.

The company may also share your personal information with the third parties listed below:

  • our professional consultants such as auditors, accountants, legal and financial consultants;
  • marketing and communications agencies that have agreed to process users’ personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy;
  • companies that deal with market research;
  • our suppliers, business partners and subcontractors; and / or
  • search engines and web analytics.


Personal data could be shared with government authorities and / or law enforcement officers if necessary for the purposes specified above, if required by law or if necessary to ensure the legal protection of the legitimate interests of the company, in accordance with the legislation in force. Personal data may be shared with third party service providers who will process them on behalf of ERAL S.r.l. for the purposes indicated above.

Such third parties include, but are not limited to, providers of website hosting services, maintenance, call center activities and identity control.

In the event that our business or part of it is sold or integrated with another company, the information concerning it will be disclosed to our consultants and those of the future purchaser and will be transferred to the new business owners.


  1. How long are my personal data stored?

The company will not keep your personal data longer than necessary, whatever the purpose, and will only retain the personal information necessary for that purpose. In addition, we are required to retain certain information as required by law and for a reasonably necessary time to comply with legal requirements, resolve disputes, avoid fraud and abuse and implement our terms and conditions.

In the event that you are a customer, we will retain your information for the duration of the contractual relationship between you and the company, and then for a period of 12 months.

In the event that you are a potential customer, and if you have expressly agreed to be contacted by the company, we will retain your data

(a) until he decides not to receive any communication from the company or, if you have not given up receiving them,

(c) for 120 months after you have given your consent to receive communications.


In the event of any contact you may have with the customer service team, we will keep this information until needed to resolve the problem and then for two weeks after the problem is resolved.

We will retain your information for a short period beyond the specified retention period, to allow information to be reviewed and to be deleted. In some cases, ERAL S.r.l. may be required by law to keep certain information for specific periods other than that indicated above.


  1. Where are my data stored?

Personal data about you that the company collects may be transferred and stored outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). In addition, they could be processed by staff outside the EEA who operate on behalf of the company or one of its suppliers, in which case the European Commission will have to have approved the data protection laws of the third country or will have to be adopted other appropriate protection measures. Further information can be requested from the privacy protection team.


  1. What are my rights concerning my personal data?

You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for commercial purposes.

You can exercise your rights to avoid such processing by ticking some boxes on the forms with which we collect your data, or by selecting the “unsuscribe” button on any communication we send you, or by contacting the company.

If you have consented to the use of your personal data by the company, you can withdraw this consent at any time. If the information the company has about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you can notify us and ask us to correct or modify them.

He also has the right, with some exceptions and qualifications, to ask us to provide a copy of your personal data that the company has.

In the event that you have provided your data and such data were processed by automated means, you may request that such data be provided to you in a structured format, readable on a computer.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have processed your personal information, you may be able to ask us to limit its use until such a dispute is resolved.

In certain circumstances, you may request the deletion of your personal data

(a) withdrawing the consent given to the company for the use of such information;

(b) if it is no longer necessary for the company to use your personal data;

(c) if you object to the use of your personal data and the company has no valid reason to continue using them;

(d) if we have not managed your personal data in accordance with our obligations.


  1. Where can I find more information on the processing of my personal data by ERAL Srl?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, on the processing of your personal data by ERAL S.r.l., or if you intend to exercise your rights, you can contact the privacy policy team of ERAL S.r.l. using the following e-mail address: If the answer obtained is not satisfactory, you can contact the supervisory authority, which for Italy is the Data Protection Official (