Our Certifications

Our Quality Policy

General Management declares that the Policy is intended for complete customer satisfaction through the supply of products/services which conform with the specific requests and the continuous improvement of the company processes.

For this purpose, Management is effectively committed to sustaining and sharing the following general principles, identifying and updating:
  • The Organisational Context in which it develops its business, determining the Internal and External Factors that can influence the ability to achieve the expected results;
  • Needs and expectations of the Interested Parties: Customers, Suppliers, Community and Property Collaborators,
  • Risks and Opportunities in relation to Organisational Context and Needs and Expectations of the Interested Parties with particular reference to the business continuity.
  • Our mission is to create loyalty with the customer through high quality standards of the product/service provided (not attacking the competition with price dumping policies). Satisfied customers make it possible to produce the profits needed to develop, consolidate and provide continuity to the company and all the interested parties who live with it (Owners, Staff and Suppliers). A fundamental requirement for achieving this goal is to maintain a flexible, lean and strongly integrated organisational structure to ensure maximum involvement, participation and development of the company culture, oriented toward teamwork and the professional fulfilment of the Staff, aware that
  • It is the customer who pays, a central element of the Management System. It is our specific duty to understand and satisfy the customer’s expectations.
  • The logic of the goals must replace the bureaucratic logic: goals are assigned to each process, the achievement of which requires the collaboration of all in observance of the rules, which must not be disregarded, but systematically applied to the advantage of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Teamwork must be privileged: each fulfilled operation has its own supplier who must express their skills in the best possible way and a customer who expectations must be satisfied.
  • Learning from mistakes is necessary: identifying them is not for the purpose of finding a culprit, but for understanding the causes which led to the failure. The mistakes made must not be hidden, but instead they constitute valuable opportunities for individual and team growth
  • In this process of continuous improvement, we intend to involve our suppliers as interested parties in the correct operation and improvement of the Quality Management System, and they must aspire to the role of partner in achieving maximum business integration and development. Even Staff, to perceive the frequent changes of the market and be aware of the changed needs, are called on to observe, apply and improve the Quality Management System as an instrument that is desired and promoted by General Management to ensure
  • Compliance with mandatory requirements,
  • Attention to the principles of sustainability,
  • Compliance with the specific requests of the customer,
  • Achievement of the pre-established quality standards,
  • Prevention of problems,
  • Continuous involvement, promotion, motivation, professional growth and training of the Staff,
  • Satisfaction of all interested parties, internal and external.
  • Continuous improvement of performance
  • Guarantee constant action of;
  • For the purpose, General Management ensures the Organisation the availability of the necessary human and material resources, in addition to adequate working environments, contributing in the first person to sustaining and encouraging the Quality Management System functional for fulfilling the Quality Objectives that are periodically defined.

    Vazzola, 08.01.2019

    ISO 9001 Certification ISO 9001 Certification ERAL owns the Certification of the Quality Management System, according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. This is another significant milestone for a dynamic and innovative company such as ERAL, with a view to continuing its path towards a continuous improvement of efficiency and competitiveness. Through this path, ERAL has equipped itself with a complete and methodical tool to guarantee a correct business management that further contributes to the quality and reliability of the services demonstrating the commitment made towards full customer satisfaction. ERAL owns the Certification of the Quality Management System, according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.